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Easiest way to become a landlord in Nigeria. By far!!! Start your journey to becoming a serial landlord.   Before you continue, if you need quick...

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From:₦ 9999.00   Seat Bids:200
  • Retail Value: ₦ 40000000
  • Savings:
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Easiest way to become a landlord in Nigeria.

By far!!!

Start your journey to becoming a serial landlord.


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This auction is for a monthly rent to own ( rent2own ) contract for a two bedroom flat. To claim the prize, winner must pay the price at which he made the last bid.

Winner is never stressed to pay annual rent. It is paid monthly.

By winning several of this, a user can become a serial landlord, renting out his apartments for a handsome profit.


Normal annual rent : N350,000

Your MONTHLY rent: N15,000 

  • Start paying monthly rent after using apartment for one month.
  • Rent is fixed even when others are increasing their prices.
  • Pay monthly rent as and when due and earn the right to buy property for N180,000.00 after 5 - 15 years.
  • Reduce number of years to own by paying higher monthly rent.
  • With a simple agreement, winner can sub-let property annually.

Current property value: N10,000,000

Rent to own token acquisition price: N180,000 (after the stipulated rent is fully paid), meaning winner gets to pay N180,000 to own the building.

  • Four flats are currently up for sale in Jaba, Kano State.
  • Winner can choose to have a flat built for him in any state in Nigeria instead. For this, the projected moving in period is 18 months
  • If any unforseen situation causes unavailability of current structure, projected time for completion of new structure is 18 months (Just a precaution)


How to participate

  1. User buys bid packs on Nolossbids. Remember: Even if you lose this auction, you will not lose the money spent on it. You will get a refund which you can use for other auctions over and over again.
  2. Buy a seat for this auction. Try to participate in all availabe property auctions. You never know which one will bring great dividends.
  3. Once seats are filled, click on bid.
  4. Monitor the countdown timer for this auction.
  5. With 10 seconds to go, click on bid.
  6. This will add 10 seconds to the countdown.
  7. Monitor the countdown till it gets to 0. If you were the last / top bidder, you win.
  8. If another person bids however, the timer gets reset to 10 seconds. You must bid again if you want the house.
  9. If you are the top bidder, you win.
  10. To claim your prize, you must pay the last price at which you placed your bid.



If you lose an auction, don't worry, you will get a refund of amount spent on the auction.

  • The Refund process is started 2 weeks after an auction ends.
  • They are announced in the Telegram group - click here. Make sure you are part of the Telegram group
  • Refunds are paid as Bitcoin equivalent.
  • We will guide you on how to list cryptocurrency for sale and conversion to Naira. Naira can then be used to buy more bidpacks.
  • Bubble coin is currently used to sell airtime at a reduced price, and winners use it to pay their rent, so you are likely to get buyers for your coins.



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