200k shopping coupon

Shop till you "tire" The winner gets a N200,000 coupon to shop in any store of his choice, in any part of Nigeria. All interested...

Auction Starts When The Seats Are Filled
From:₦ 21000.00   Seat Bids:75
  • Retail Value: ₦ 200000
  • Savings:
  • Your Price:

Bid History

Shop till you "tire"

The winner gets a N200,000 coupon to shop in any store of his choice, in any part of Nigeria.

All interested users simply engage themselves in a bidding game, i.e. auction.

Once a user clicks on "bid", he becomes the current winning bidder. If no one else clicks on the "bid" button, and the auction ends, that user wins the right to pay the discount for that coupon.

The Nolossbids platform reserves the right to bring around the press to cover the actual shopping event.


Crowd control

We know quite a number of users may be interested in this auction, and to ensure there is crowd control, interested users need to buy seats to reserve a space for participation.


Regularly available

As long as the public is comfortable with this auction, the item will be made available as many times as possible every week.


No loss clause

Every participant is a winner. For every user who doesn't win the main price, he receives a refund of the exact value spent on both auction seat and bids.

The refund is paid in Bubble coin within five working days; and we guide our users on how to easily list it for sale. This is part of our quest to ensure all our users learn how to navigate the cryptocurrency market safely. Since several auctions are taking place every day, the Bubble coins are easily converted to Naira.

For a user to increase his chances, he can participate in as many auctions of this item as he chooses to.



Is this for real?

To assure everyone that this is real, all auctions are discussed publicly on the same Telegram thread on which we have sold Airtime at 75% - 80% for most of 2019. If there is anything fishy going on, it is easy to detect.

" Go to Telegram group. Click here. "

This way, there is no question whether this is real or not.



What if the whole seats are not sold?

We make it possible for a user to leave the auction and choose another auction to participate in if he feels it is taking too long. 

In practice however, we advise the user to exercise some patience as more users come on board.


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